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English courses in London
At our London language school, classes take place all year round, for all levels. Courses are available from 1 week to 1 year and students can start any Monday (except on holiday days). You can indicate your approximate level on our enrolment form, and students who have some previous knowledge of English will take a level test before starting the course so that we can allocate groups accordingly.

English courses offered in our school:

> General English group courses
> Intensive English group courses
> Business English group courses
> Exam preparation courses
> Individual courses

Class duration: 50 minutes
Class duration individual: 60 minutes
Minimum age: 16 years
Group size: 8 to 12 students (maximum 15)
Holidays: 01 Jan 06 Jan 30 Mar 02 Apr 01 May 31 Jul 15 Aug 12 Oct 01 Nov 06 Dec

English group courses
Our classes are generally held in the mornings; however afternoon classes can also take place according to the students' level. Our 'General' English courses include 2 or 3 lessons per day - 10 or 15 lessons per week. We also offer more intensive courses if you prefer - Intensive 20 course (4 lessons per day), Intensive 25 course (5 lessons per day), Intensive 30 course (6 lessons per day) or Intensive 35 course (7 lessons per day).

Included in the group lessons of 10, 20, 25, 30 or 35 lessons per week, students receive 5 'option' lessons per week. These classes focus on a particular area of the language:

Grammar skills: To improve and reinforce knowledge of English Grammar, allowing focus on particular areas of difficulty. Examples of structures studied for lower levels include – present simple, comparatives and superlatives and countable/uncountable nouns. Higher levels may look at reported speech, verb patterns and unreal conditionals.
Conversation skills: focusing on practical communication and use of the language. Aim to improve oral fluency and listening using role-play techniques and simulations. Specific focus placed on pronunciation, intonation and stress.
Pronunciation skills: emphasis placed on achieving a more natural English accent by practising intonation, stress and pronunciation, using various texts and passages.

During classes students will have a break for refreshments and to meet their fellow students. Classes are small to encourage immersion in the language and maximum participation, and to allow for more individual attention from the teacher.  In addition to learning the English language, learning about English culture plays an integral role in the classes.

English for Business
At our school in London we offer this course to provide students with English language skills and knowledge to use in real Business situations in the workplace. Students will develop practical language skills such as telephone techniques, presentations and negotiations. Topics covered include Marketing and Human Resources. During the course, students will be required to complete weekly projects, such as company/product presentations, or analysis of articles, reports etc. The Business English course is offered with 15 lessons per week (3 per day) or 30 lessons per week (6 per day). For the Business 30 course, students receive 15 Business classes and 15 General language lessons per week.

Exam preparation

In the English-speaking world there are occasions where it is necessary to show proof of your level of English, for example, entering into an English University, to attend an English-speaking course in your home country or for work or immigration purposes.  In order to receive this certification, it is most common for non-native English speakers to sit the Cambridge Exam or the IELTS exam. For students wishing to take this exam, it is always advisable to attend an Exam preparation course. In our London Language school, preparation for both of these exams is offered. Students must have at least a B1 (intermediate) level of English. If students have a lower level they can of course attend a General English course first to improve their level. You can contact us if you are not sure of your exact level.

The Cambridge Certification exam is amongst the most widely known in the world and is recognised by employers as an official proof of level. It is possible to take the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) or the Certificate for Advanced English (CAE). The courses prepare students to take the Cambridge exam, and unlike IELTS, the Cambridge exam courses help students improve their English for use in real-life situations. The Cambridge preparation course consists of 25 lessons per week (5 per day) in small groups.

You can visit the Cambridge Exam website to confirm exam dates for the FCE and CAE certification and to find out more information about the actual exam. You can contact us to check start dates for the preparation course. Please note that the cost of the exam and reservation is not included in the fees.

The IELTS exam is taken by students who want to study at a UK university or higher education establishment to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree. The exam preparation course will help students to receive a higher score and more chance of getting that university place! In this course focus is placed on the students own areas of difficulty, along with exam techniques.  Our qualified teachers use tried and tested methods along with practice exams and weekly tutorials. The IELTS preparation course includes 20 lessons per week (4 per day) in small groups.

You can visit the IELTS website to check exam dates and receive more information about the exam. The IELTS preparation course takes place every Monday. Please note that the cost of the exam and reservation is not included in the fees.

Private English courses
Our private classes are completely tailored to the individual's needs and allow students to work at their own pace. Whether you need to learn English for a specific reason, are interested in a topic, have a very advanced level of English, or need to practice particular areas of difficulty, this course is perfect for you.

Students will take a level test before starting the course and your preferred content and course timetable will be discussed with your private teacher. Since classes are arranged according to your needs, changes to content can easily be made.

Our standard individual course includes 10 private lessons per week (2 daily). If you are interested in more lessons than this, this is no problem. Our private lessons are very flexible so you can just contact us for a price quotation.

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