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Enjoy our social programme
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Social activities in London
We strive to give our students the optimal balance between a good learning experience and some good fun abroad. Our school has a varied programme of activities which we offer besides the course programme. This way you have the possibility to come into contact with other students, teachers and employees and to enjoy the countries culture.

We try to offer our activities for free or for very low prices. Weekend activities might be more expensive. You are free to choose to join the activities. We offer a different social programme every week, and we also give advice on the many places of interest you will find in the area. Here are just a few examples.

Explore Camden

Explore the lively neighbourhood of beautiful Camden Town together with a guide.

Yoga Class

Come relax your body and mind with our Yoga Class in the school.

Film Night

Bring popcorn, sit back and watch a movie at our Film Night.

Visit Brighton

Visit Brighton the fun seaside town on a Saturday together with a guide.

Stonehenge & Bath

Visit historical and enchanting Stonehenge & Bath on a Sunday daytrip.

Visit Oxford

Take a train ride to Beautiful Oxford and stay for the weekend.

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