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Learn English in London
London is without a doubt one of the most famous cities in the world and a symbol of all things English. As the capital of England we believe this dynamic and cosmopolitan city will offer the best surroundings to be fully immersed in the culture, whilst learning important language skills to provide future opportunities. London is the financial and business centre of England, and also a melting pot of different peoples, cultures and religions. Historic monuments and palaces stand next to modern architectural wonders, and for this reason London really offers something for everyone.

Our language school is located in the bustling Camden high street, one of the most popular parts of the city, and the closest underground is just 1 minute away. Camden is best known for its' music scene and attracts a vibrant mix of young and old. The famous 'Camden Market' is located here along with a choice of great restaurants, shops, bars and clubs. Camden is a great base from which to discover the rest of the city, with the city centre just 5 to 10 minutes away.

Linguaenglish London has been providing English courses for more than 10 years. The highly-qualified native teachers at this family-run school teamed with our dedicated and enthusiastic administrative staff offer pleasant and comfortable surroundings in which to really learn the language.

Our teachers use dynamic and communicative methods to really help students make the most of their time. The school is well equipped with spacious classrooms, WIFI, computers with internet, and a study lounge where you can enjoy free tea and coffee. The school also has a roof-top terrace where you can relax and get to know your fellow students!
Population 7 million
Climate Summers are warm with average high temperatures of 23 °C (73 °F) and lows of 14 °C (57 °F), however, temperatures could exceed 25 °C (77 °F) on many days. Winters in London are chilly, but rarely below freezing with daytime temperatures around 2 - 8 °C (36 - 46 °F), while spring has mild days and cool evenings.
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